Online Personal Training

With many of London’s offices closed, traveling to our studios in Kensington and Bank became less practical for some of our clients. To help keep you in shape throughout the lockdown we introduced our online personal training services.

How it works

Our online training programmes are open to all, whether you have trained with us before or you are new to STONE training. Wherever you’re based, you’ll enjoy truly tailored home training built around you and your body. Our online training programmes develop the body’s movement and flow, mental resilience, physical strength and immune system, leaving you feeling more alert and healthier than ever.

Online coaching personal training

Don’t worry if you have never worked with a personal trainer before, our online sessions couldn’t be easier to join. Whether you are travelling or in lockdown, all you need is a decent WIFI connection and a bit of clear space to move. We prefer to use Zoom to deliver out training, but if you have a preference for another platform we’re happy to try to accommodate you, just let us know. You won’t need any additional equipment whatsoever, instead, our trainers focus on you and your body to deliver a fully featured workout programme, wherever you are.

Online training for all skill levels

Our trainers are experienced in creating effective workouts that don’t require any kit, but if you’re a seasoned gym veteran you may be concerned about not being able to lift your usual weights. This isn’t a problem, we can organise equipment to be delivered directly to your location to facilitate more variety in your training, just let us know.

Benefits of online personal training

There are many benefits to our online training programmes.

  • No additional equipment required
  • Exclusive access to our partnered app where your programmes are accessible 24/7
  • Train from wherever you are
  • Fit training around you work and home schedule
  • One on one support from the same coaches  that work in our Kensington and Bank studios

No equipment necessary

With little to no equipment we can support, strengthen and challenge you. You can learn more about, and improve the performance of, your body from anywhere in the world.

Never before has it been so important to move and stay active in order to boost your health, wellness and longevity. If you’re interested in our online personal training programmes, get in touch today. Looking for our in person facilities? Check out our fully featured person training gyms in Kensington and Bank.

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