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All About You

STONE training is designed to fully understand the current state of your health and fitness, explore and understand your objectives and ambitions. We will be your critical friend – supportive and caring but also there to encourage, push and motivate you so that we get everything we can out of our time together.

Truly Bespoke

Everyone’s strength and fitness journey with us will be unique and bespoke. There is no standard work out. We agree your objectives and we work together to make sure these are delivered. Our coaches have the experience and the training to work your needs – whether movement, function, cardio, sport specific, rehab and prehab. Our repeat client base is a testament to the quality and expertise of our Coaches. Our careful recruitment and commitment to the professional development of our Coaches is all part of ensuring we offer the leading personal trainers in London.

Personal Training London

Completely Holistic

At STONE we think about fitness and health holistically so in addition to mobility, weights and cardio work, our coaching team is trained to support you around physio and nutrition and this can be added into the tailored journey for our clients, offering a unique personal training experience in London.

Personal Training London

Training Redefined

Our Approach

The STONE approach has physiotherapy and science at its core. And we always take a long term approach to all aspects of your health. We build a realistic timetable that fits with your needs and schedule. As we build up your fitness programme, in addition to working together in our studios, we can also serve you at your home, your office and provide remote support when you are travelling.

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Body & Mind Analysis

We will ask you to sit with one of our coaches for an in-depth discussion about your current fitness regime, the state of your health, your goals and current lifestyle. We will use state of the art biometric scanners to gain accurate data in order to build the correct plan for you and to track your progress on a regular basis.

Personal Training

Form & Function

Form: working with you to build poise, precision and awareness. Focusing on your breathing and posture so that all aspects of your physiology are engaged and connected.

Function: agreeing with you what you want your body to be, do and feel. From IronMan to football, to running with the children, or having to sit in front of a computer for more than 40 hours per week, we take an entirely practical approach to making sure we are developing a training programme that uniquely meets your needs and improves your wellbeing.

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