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HAWQ Health Assesment

How it works

A HAWQ coach will take you through a 60 min series of assessments covering areas of your body, mind, movement, nutrition and sleep.


This will determine your baseline health so we can better understand how you can reach your health and wellbeing goals.

HAWQ then provides regular assessments to track improvements in our clients overall vitality during their journey so progress is monitored.


Your health goes beyond what the eye can see. By testing key health metrics including waist circumference and blood pressure, we can give you an insight into your health and risk status and provide you with personalised recommendations to help you be healthier.


 How we nourish our body has a strong impact on our health. Understanding how you currently eat is the starting place to move towards a healthier diet. You and your HAWQ health coach can discuss your nutrition in more detail – by understanding your specific goals, your coach can use tools such as a food diary to collect important information that can inform future coaching decisions and recommendations.


There is no health without mental health. With a scientifically validated stress assessment paired with cognitive function testing, we help you understand more about your mental performance and provide tailored feedback to help you improve.


Sleep is a growing but still underrated area of health, having important knock-on effects on all other areas of our health. By understanding how you sleep, you and your HAWQ health coach can begin to explore how to improve both sleep quality and quantity to optimise your health.


Our testing is designed to measure multiple aspects of fitness, including cardiovascular fitness, strength endurance, balance and flexibility. Movement means something different to everyone so you will have the opportunity to set movement goals that are important to you and your health.

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