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Introducing a new health assessment system

Updated: Apr 2

At STONE, we recognise that well-being encompasses more than just exercise. That’s why we’ve introduced a new comprehensive health assessment that measures the five essential pillars of good health:

  • Sleep

  • Body

  • Movement

  • Nutrition

  • Mind

How we measure your wellness

Unlocking your full potential in the gym and in life can only be achieved when each of these key areas works together in harmony. By collaborating with our partners at HAWQ score, we can now accurately measure your performance in each of these domains from the comfort of our studio.

Each of these areas will be assessed to generate a score, which your coach will then combine to measure your overall Health And Wellness Quotient. Your coach can then talk your through where you’re at right now and what we need to do to make progress. Your scores will be used to create a training and lifestyle plan to improve your health and wellness by targeting the areas that need it most.

Combining health assessments with personal training

As you make progress, your coach will continually monitor your advancements and adjust your program to ensure you continue to make progress. As leaders in London’s personal training industry, we take pride in being one of the first studios to offer the groundbreaking new HAWQ assessment. To celebrate the introduction of HAWQ, we are currently offering discounted personal training packages to anyone who signs up for a health assessment. Take a look at our introductory offer page to find out more or speak to our team today to discuss getting started.

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